Photovoltaic System data

Lead Time Produced:
6 years 6 months:18 days

± Kwh Produced: 40,574 Kwh
± Kg CO2 Saved: 16,229.76 Kg
± Kg SO2 Saved: 811.49 Kg
± Kg NOx Saved: 405.74 Kg

Data update automatically daily
CO2: Carbon Dioxide
SO2: Sulfur Dioxide
NOx: Nitrogen Oxides

Production Higtchart

IAC Research Campus

Map of buildings and projects (Interactive map - move the mouse over the map)

Campus's HouseCampus' House.
The Campus' House, inaugurated in February of 2005 is a construction where two people currently live. It disposes of the necessary space for a very comfortable stay. It supports its own residents as well as those teachers who travel to give classes at the IAC Campus. It also serves as room and board for the students who participate in the VIP Immersion Training Course.
Multipurpose HallMultipurpose Hall.
The Multipurpose Hall, inaugurated in October of 2005 with the motive of the celebration of the Cofraternization of various institutions that work with the paradigm of the sciences of Conscientiology and Projectiology. It was constructed in a record time of 5 months which was a great accomplishment for the entire IAC worldwide. It has the capacity for up to 100 people lying down on mats. All important events of IAC in Europe are commonly held here, such as the Advanced 2, Projective Field, Multidimensional Praxis, and Symposia. In the near future, such events will be held in the Main Auditorium, while this building will accommodate space for reading, Coffee-breaks and other common uses.
Main AuditoriumMain Auditorium (In pre-production).
The main auditorium will be designed to host major IAC activities such as: Advanced 2, Projective Field, Multidimensional Praxis, Symposiums and other scientific events. It will have all the latest equipment available such as: a removable stage, translation booth, communications and projection equipment. It will be equipped with maximum quality and optimized infrastruture to accommodate different type of events.
Hospedarium Module 1Hospedarium Module 1.
The Hospedarium will initially include two buildings to house visitors, students and visiting researchers. Each building will have four double rooms so that visitors can stay within the IAC Campus grounds. A mini-kitchen will be available for visiting guests so as to optimize their stay.
This specialized and optimized laboraty to favor out-of-body-experiences, was inaugurated in November of 2006. It is worthy to note that it is the world's first building specifically dedicated to such an end; so consequently, the IAC has become a pioneer in this field. The building itself is a sphere of 8 meters in internal diameter with a platform suspended mid-air in such a manner that the head of the experimenter is situated in the sphere's center. Its infrastructure includes climate control equipment, memory foam bed and various sensors.
Laboratory of phytoenergies. This laboratory was inaugurated en October of 2008. It is completely made of wood and was built in a tree, specifically, a cork tree, a native tree of the Campus and the region. It is a large, leafy and robust tree. The entire project and construction was executed with the maximum possible respect towards the tree, and made from entirely natural materials, except the electrical installation, fet by solar energy (photovoltaic panels). The objective is for people to experiment with the immanent energies of the tree (phytoenergies) to be able to learn more about how that pattern of energies interacts with us.
The Campus' first individual self-research laboratory, inaugurated in April of 2005, has been destined for the realization of the 3 hour Physical Immobility Waking State Technique, which includes as its main benefits, obtaining a greater dominion of our psychomotricity and of the cerebellum, as well as a deeper comprehension of our way of thinking, thosenating. It is the first of 17 other laboratories that will be constructed in the coming years.
This laboratory was inaugurated in November of 2007, being specialized and optimized to favor cosmoconsciousness experiences. A semi-sphere of 8 meters in diameter, with a mini-planetarium who's objective is to stimulate the obtaining of an expansion of the consciousness. At its inauguration there were more than 100 people present, including the participants of CDP Advanced 2 that gathered 16 different nationalities, and who were also invited to the inauguration being held during the same timeframe, giving the event a greater universalistic character.
Photovoltaic PanelsPhotovoltaic Panels.
A system of photovoltaic panels was implemented in 2011, showcasing our solid commitment to create an area with a greater ecological awareness and preserving the environment which is a priority in the development of the IAC Campus. The Panels have a power of 3840 watts.
Main Rest AreaMain Rest Area (under development).
The Main Rest Area project is aiming to create new outdoor areas where nature can interact with appropriate infrastructure, resulting in spatial diversity within the IAC Campus. The idea is to take advantage of the natural environment’s exceptional beauty in order to facilitate a greater social and bioenergetic exchange. This will be a rest area where people can benefit from nature in a pleasant and relaxing environment, a comfortable place where they can chat, read a book, ponder or even have a picnic.  All while promoting the conservation of all natural assets, education in nature, biodiversity, etc.

The IAC is building a Research Campus for the purpose of creating an area of excellence for the study of the consciousness and non-physical phenomena. This IAC Research Campus is under construction on an area of 98,000 m² in the Alentejo region in Portugal. It is a highly protected and ecologically valuable rural zone and on its entire terrain there are dozens upon dozens of oak and cork trees. The Environmental Oasis Project EOP is being developed in order to sustain the entirety of this privileged natural landscape.