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Homeostatic Field - November 3 to 5 - 2017 - Campus IAC

Energy balance and De-intrusion

November 3, 4, 5 - 2017
IAC Campus

No prerequisites

Participate in this 3-day energetic immersion workshop with the primary focus of strengthening the connection between your energetic and mental bodies.

In this course, a strong energetic field is established by an intensification of energies from an energizer instructor, one of the IAC’s most experienced instructors.

The intensification of energies that occurs during the course helps to temporarily fuse the physical and non-physical dimensions, forming a condensation of the energetic dimension. This connection allows the non-physical mentors to come closer to us, and us to them.

The development of the Homeostatic Field course is supervised and maintained by non-physical mentors (spiritual mentors), primarily through the energies of the epicenter/ instructor. Natural energies also contribute, and the Campus’ rich abundance of pristine, natural energies aids significantly with this process.

This can provoke a powerful energetic unblocking in the participants, and can predispose an expansion in their psychic perceptions. Another benefit can be improved mental functioning, the result of synaptic reorganization brought about by the energetic field itself and specialized non-physical mentors.

Homeostatic Field - November 3 to 5 - 2017 - Campus IAC
Possible benefits
• Energetic unblocking
• Expansion of non-physical perceptions
• Revitalization
• Improvement of the connection between the physical and more subtle bodies
• De-intrusion
• Improvement of lucidity in other dimensions
• Improvement of neuronal connections
• Evolutionary support in relation to one's life mission
The Homeostatic Field Course offers
• Close contact with non-physical mentors 
• Two sessions for close interaction with the bioenergetic field
• At least one personal energization
• Six modules of activities conducted by the epicenter
• Two afternoon Q&A sessions in which the instructor will answer participants’ questions about their experiences and perceptions during the energetic field sessions, or phenomena and concepts in general

Preparatory and In-depth classes

The course also includes classes that explain the processes involved in the energetic field and offers a chance for students to deepen their experience.

IAC Campus

The IAC Campus (IAC’s most significant physical and multidimensional installation) offers an unparalleled venue for the course. Its customized energetic field offers an ideal environment that is perfectly synchronized with the course’s assistantial objectives.

Who may attend

Anyone interested. This is a unique opportunity to participate in a Field Course without having taken any prior IAC courses.

Experiment. Analyze. Understand. Implement. Evolve!


  • Before September 30: 399 euros
  • Before October 15: 439 euros
  • After October 15: 479 euros


Prices Includes: the course, transportation (between the Hotel and the Campus during the course), 2 nights’ accommodation (Nov 03 & 04, 2017) and meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the course. 
If you happen to have any questions, to register, or for further information, feel free to contact us:

IAC Campus Europe. Email: campus@iacworld.org        
Phone: +351 268 959 148.
Herdade da Marmeleira, Evoramonte, Portugal

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