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The Hospedarium which opened in 2010, is a building designed for the lodging of all those individuals interested in consciential self-research. While staying at the Hospedarium not only will you be able to rest, relax but also enjoy the favorable atmosphere to be with yourself, deepen your self-knowledge and reflect on personal matters without any distractions. As a guest at the IAC Campus you will be immersed for a longer period of time in the ideal place which will allow you to perceive yourself closer to the helpers and increase your paraperceptions. All while within the incomparable natural setting deep in the heart of Portugal's Alentejo region. It is also a perfect place to enjoy the various activities promoted by the IAC highlighting the possibility of laboratory self-experimentation.

Take advantage of this ideal setting to be with yourself and develop your extraphysical lucidity!


The Hospedarium has four double rooms fully furnished and pleasantly decorated in order to provide comfort and functionality. Each room has several designated spaces in order to meet the needs of each guest: full bathroom: rest area with comfortable beds that will facilitate your holosomatic rest; study area where besides the necessary furniture, there is also a wireless internet connection for your computer; a mini-kitchen set with everything necessary to prepare your favorite refreshments; microwave oven, coffee maker, mini refrigerator, small sink, toaster, water boiler, cutlery and dinnerware, etc. Plus, all rooms have individual temperature control and alarm systems. 
All rooms are designed to accommodate two people; however there is an option to reserve for single or triple occupancy (Option is subject to availability. Please contact the IAC Campus). In front of the Hospedarium all guests will enjoy a charming garden, a magnificent place to relax, read, chat or even have a picnic with friends.  Parking is available at the IAC Campus.
Important: Smoking within the Hospedarium rooms and all through the IAC Campus is prohibited.  Pets are also prohibited.


The IAC Campus is located in a privileged area within nature with many Holm Oaks and Centenarian Oaks; in fact, part of the land is a natural reserve. The drinking water supplied to the IAC Campus comes from a manmade well. The water used for the bathrooms and the lawn comes from a rain water recovery system, which is installed in the Hospedarium, this contributes greatly to the recycling of hydro resources.   All guests are asked to use the water responsibly in order to avoid any waste. To heat the water used, the Hospedarium holds a system of solar thermo panels.
The Hospedarium as well as the other buildings in the IAC Campus are built taking environmental responsibility into consideration, applying special techniques and more respectful methods, like appropriate insulation, double paned windows to favor natural ventilation thus avoiding excessive use of air conditioning, the placement of the buildings, materials, etc.


Please see the following list of prices:

High Season



1 ó 2 persons

47 euros

3 persons

62 euros

Accommodation only: Basic kitchen facilities available in each room - Guests are responsible for bringing their own food (food is not available for purchase at the Campus)

High Season: Periods when IAC promoted events are held at the IAC Campus. 

Low Season


1 person/day

2 persons/day

1 a 6 nights

37 euros

40 euros

7 a 15 nights

32 euros

36 euros

+ 15 nights

27 euros

30 euros

Accommodation only: Basic kitchen facilities available in each room - Guests are responsible for bringing their own food (food is not available for purchase at the Campus)

Low Season: Periods when no specific IAC promoted events are being held.
Note: Lodging for 3 persons is not available during Low Seasons.


To make a reservation at the Hospedarium, you can either fill out the registration form online or download it as a PDF.

  • Downloading the Registration as a PDF
    Once the form has been filled out, please send to the IAC campus via:
  • Formulario online:

Hospedarium IAC Campus

Online booking request

  • Please see the general conditions to make reservations at the Hospedarium

When you make your reservations online, the first night of your stay will be charged, this fee is not refundable in case of cancellations. (please refer to the recommendations and cancelation policies below)

Methods of payment

  • Cash
  • Wire Transfer (IBAN: PT50 0010 0000 3286 9380 0021 4 or contact the IAC Campus campus@iacworld.org)
  • Credit cards- select either option:
    • Fax your credit card information to +351 268 950 053
    • Safe Pay online using PayPal (fixed rate 40 Euros)

Important remarks:

  • We recommend you make your reservation 5 days prior to your arrival.
  • When reserving, the first night of your stay will be charge, this fee is not refundable in case of cancellations.
  • The night paid can be re-scheduled at an earlier or later date; however, this can only be determined by the IAC, as long as it's not high season.
  • Due to the type of activities held at the IAC Campus, it is not recommended for children to stay at the Hospedarium. However, such accommodations may be arranged by previously consulting with the IAC.
  • The IAC reserves the right to determine whether a person may or may not stay at the Hospedarium.

Canceling reservations:
The IAC reserves the right to charge all fees according to the following stipulations:

  • If the cancellation request is received by the IAC seven (7) days or more prior to the initial date of arrival, all amounts will be reimbursed except for the first night's fee.
  • If the cancellation request is received by the IAC between 6 and 4 days prior to the initial date of arrival, 50% of the total value of the entire period reserved will be charged
  • If the cancellation request is received by the IAC three (3) days or less prior to the initial date of arrival, all amounts for the entire period reserved will be charged.


The IAC Campus is located within the municipal borders of Estremoz in the vast zone of Portugal’s Alentejo region. The area is home to an important cultural patrimony and commercial activity where marble mining, cork production, oil manufacturing and other agricultural products stand out.
It has an outstanding cultural patrimony due to its vast history and monuments.
Places of interest:  

  • Elvas:  town surrounded by walls, home to the extraordinary Roman-Arabic castle and the Armoreiras Aqueduct. (XV-XVII Century)
  • Evoramonte: Stands out because of its castle built at an elevated point of the Ossa mountain range. This is where the peace treaty between the liberals and the miguelistas was signed on May 26, 1834.
  • Estremoz: town crowned by a castle from the XII Century, with a citadel (presently an inn) and Saint Isabel’s Chapel (XVII Century). Town closest to the IAC Campus.
  • Évora: city-museum of Roman origin. Its historic downtown, considered as an International Patrimony by UNESCO, has the Roman temple as a reference, next to the Cathedral you find the outstanding Museum of Sacral Art (Gothic-Roman). The University, the old Jewish quarter and Evora’s Museum are also well known.
  • Monsaraz:  is a beautiful medieval villa, with a castle, and fort like walls. In the nearby town of Reguengos you can find megalithic remains with close to one hundred dolmens and cromlechs.
  • Vila Viçosa: its Ducal Palace, which belonged to the House of Braganza, the last Portuguese dynasty, is an impressive building with a renaissance façade and a library-museum.


IAC Research Campus

  • Herdade da Marmeleira EN 18, km. 236 – Cx. 06
    7100-500 Evoramonte, Estremoz Portugal  
  • Coordinates: 38°47'46"N, 7°41'10"W
  • Email: campus@iacworld.org
  • Phone:
    • +351 268 959 148 (phone)
    • +351 918 797 924 (mobile phone)
    • +351 268 950 053 (fax)

IAC Webpage: www.iacworld.org

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