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Special Course in San Francisco!


Evolutionary Duo


This course explores the concept of the evolutionary duo, a couple who choose to spend their lives together romantically and with the aim of helping maximize each other's evolution. The course is perfect for individuals who are single and would like to find a more evolutionary partner; as well as for couples who want to evolve together more.

In an evolutionary duo, two mature lucid intraphysical consciousnesses with good affinity come together to carry out their evolutionary commitments (existential program or life mission), through a steady, positive, productive, wide-ranging, and holistic coexistence. The evolutionary duo is the epitome of synergy, with 1 plus 1 equaling more than 2.

Some characteristics of the evolutionary duo are mutual support and understanding, priority of multidimensional origins, evolutionary growth, priority of executing the existential program, living the admiration-disagreement binomial, affective-sexual bond, and putting 'ours' in front of 'mine' and 'yours.'

Some of main topics that will be explained and benefits of being in an evolutionary duo are:

  • Dynamization of both partners' evolution
  • Psychic abilities developed and exercised within the duo
  • Frequent telepathy
  • Maximum freedom in society, experienced within the duo
  • Recycling or inversion planned and executed in the duo
  • Cosmoethics developed and experienced in a twosome

The course will give tips for how to transform your current relationship into an evolutionary duo and, for those of who are single, how to attract such a partner into your life. This course has no pre-requisites, so everybody is invited.

Come and understand better human relationships!

Members (Basic Members and above): $70 advanced registration, $80 same-day registration
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When? Saturday, February 14, from 2PM to 5PM
Where? Courtyard by Marriott in San Bruno: 1050 Bayhill Drive, San Bruno, CA 94066

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