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Ashley Melidosian has a background in education and has been a volunteer of conscientiology since 2004 and an instructor since 2006. She was invited and lectured at Global Symposium on Existential Inversion in Portugal, Europe, in 2006 on Human Potential. She currently serves as External Events Manager at the IAC Miami office. She has studied the topic of potential for over 8 years.

How much of your inherent potential are you using?
Are you on track towards completing your life's purpose?

   Understanding and accepting your own potential is one of the most relevant aspects involved in personal fulfillment and existential completism (completion of your personal life task). Yet human potential is often a misunderstood concept on an individual level due to its highly personal nature. The more we recognize ourselves as consciousnesses (multidimensional beings), the more we understand who we are and what we are capable of doing.

   This 3-hour course delves deep into the concept of human potential using a consciential approach (one centered on the consciousness). The structure of the class aims to assist the individual to achieve a deeper understanding of their existential program (life purpose) through understanding aspects of their own potential.

   One of the key factors built into our life purpose is the ability to use our traits and connections in a productive way. The main topics of the class include:

 • Introduction and explanation of the multidimensional aspects of human potential.
 • Tools and techniques to help with the identification of our internal potential and external potential.
 • Human potential in relationship to the OBE (Out-of-Body-Experience).
 • Analyses of exceptional individuals who appear to be using a large amount of their potential.
 • Discussions and activities for coming to conclusions about ourselves and ways to take the next step in reaching our potential as individuals.
 • If we are not feeling like we are doing our personal best each day, we can still change this by taking the steps today to have a more lucid, liberating and fulfilling life!

   The course will be in English. The course has no pre-requisite, and any interested person is invited.

Let's take greater advantage of our strong traits!

When? Sunday, June 30
2PM to 5PM Pacific Standard Time (click here for time zones)

Members (Basic and above): $59 up to June 27, $69 after June 27
Non-members (regular price): $69 up to June 27, $79 after June 27

Special! $15 discount if registering for this course and the Existential Inversion course (June 29).

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