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Ashley Melidosian has a background in education and has been a volunteer of conscientiology since 2004 and an instructor since 2006. She was invited and lectured at Global Symposium on Existential Inversion in Portugal, Europe, in 2006. She currently serves as External Events Manager at the IAC Miami office. She has studied the topic of potential for over 8 years.

   This course introduces and deepens the subject of Existential Inversion, an advanced evolutionary strategy which a person can use to help execute their life task (existential program). The idea behind the inversion technique is to help the person connect to their intermissive course at an earlier age, allowing them to remember their larger multidimensional values faster in the intraphsyical dimension, and hence, be able to lucidly build their life around these values.

   The course is based on the premise that a deeper understanding of the inversion technique, and the reasons behind such a technique, can assist all interested individuals to execute their existential program in the intraphysical dimension, regardless of the technique they decide to implement.

   Through the understanding and deeper analyses of the inversion technique today, we can have a better understanding of what we can do tomorrow (both in this life and in future lives). In this course, we will:

 • Describe who can benefit from applying the Existential Inversion Technique
 • Discuss principles of the Inversion Technique
 • List postures and attitudes which act as both facilitators and obstacles towards reaching existential completism when using the Inversion Technique
 • Point out and clarify some myths or misinformation presented on Existential Inversion
 • Introduce and describe a Grinvex Group
 • Allow a chance for students to ask questions on this technique

   The course will be in English. The course has CDP4 as a pre-requisite.

One of the best evolutionary strategies:
understand it and have the option of applying it!

When? Saturday, June 29
2PM to 6:30PM (½-hr break) Pacific Standard Time (click here for time zones)

Members (Basic and above): $59 up to June 27, $69 after June 27
Non-members (regular price): $69 up to June 27, $79 after June 27

Special! $15 discount if registering for this course and the Human Potential course (June 30).

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