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  • Seleting the course(s) you want to register for: either (1) the Para-technology and Para-ecology course only on 10/11/14 (Saturday, starting at 1:30PM), (2) the Lucid Energizer course only on 10/12/14 (Sunday, starting at 10AM), or (3) for both courses for a greater discount.
  • Selecting also the regular price (non-member), or if you are an IAC Basic Member or above (to take advantage of a greater discount). These are the Membership categories.
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   6. Remember you will receive the login information 10 minutes before the start of the course to the email address you provided. Be aware of time zone differences, course time is Pacific Standard time (California, USA) - for time zone help, click here.

   7. Registering for the courses implies acceptance with the Terms of Use of the online courses outlined below.

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If you happen to have any questions, to register, or for further information, feel free to contact us:

IAC California Center:
e-mail: California@IACworld.org
Telephone: (310) 482-0000
3961 Sepulveda Blvd. Suite 207
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Terms of Use and Participation Policy

  1. Spaces are limited and all participants must register with IAC to be able to attend. The broadcast of the course is only for the intended use of the person registering. Thus, sharing the login information for the lecture is not allowed. Unrecognized names will not be allowed during the live broadcast.

  2. All material and images presented during online activities is copyrighted by IAC. The material and/or images cannot be used for any purpose without IAC's expressed written consent.

  3. Recording of online activities by any means is not allowed.

  4. IAC reserves the right to determine if an individual may or may not participate in its courses (whether physical or online), as well as the right to determine whether a participant may or may not continue with any IAC course (whether physical or online). IAC reserves the right to disconnect from any online activity any unruly participants.

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