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A special weekend workshop at the IAC Research Campus, in Estremoz, Portugal

Information and reservations:
At your closest IAC office

3 Intensive Days

8 Practical Sessions

20 Projective Techniques

35 Hours of immersion


The workshop includes:

Shared bedrooms
Full Tuition
Practical sessions






The Projective Field is an event sponsored by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) that has been given several times in USA, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

This time, the course will be offered at the IAC Research Campus in Portugal, in a building used exclusively for advanced educational events, that have a specialized physical, extraphysical and energetic environment that facilitates the personal experiences of the participants even more.

This will act as a type of positive mental saturation, which will help produce lucid projections outside the body. This special circumstance is difficult to achieve in our daily life that is full of physical and social obligations. All possible measures will be taken to increase the likelihood of success of the participants.

  • 8 practical sessions with bioenergetic and projective techniques.

  • Special classes teaching techniques to have conscious projections, explaining the details of its development.

  • Use of random images displayed on a computer screen in a locked up room. This may help confirm the authenticity of your experience.

  • Participants’ Experiential Analysis, with technical explanations and tips to enhance their projective experiences.

  • Presentation of videos on the subject of out of body experience, bioenergies and the paranormal phenomena, for further discussion.

The workshop is based on an energetic field that will act as a catalyst for nonphysical perceptions, allowing:

  • A closer interaction and connection with nonphysical helpers.

  • An enhanced energetic defense, which facilitates better relaxation and predisposition towards a lucid projection.

  • Increased awareness of the non-physical dimension.

  • An optimization of the energy body through the looseness of our bioenergies.

Anyone interested and motivated to develop their ability to have lucid OBEs can participate.

Image Target • Food • Rest • Breaks • Reading • Temperature • Theoretical classes • Practice Sessions • Lounge and Room Decor • Intensified bioenergetic field • Educational Movies • Specialized extraphysical Assistance • International Teachers' Team


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