Goal Intrusionlessness Intensive

What students have to say about the “Goal: Intrusionlessness”

Each sentence below is from a different student.

"After the course, I became conscious that my evolution is in my hands, as now I am aware of many tools available to me. I recommend this course to all those who are ready to take control over their development." 

"This was the best and most important course regarding the evolutionary process that I have taken in my life. In the past 10 months while the course took place, there was a significant change in myself, even colleagues noticed... It’s a course that I intend to retake and that I recommend." 

"I can now much more clearly identify the interferences I was suffering. This course was a turning point in my life!" 

"I have had the unique experience of dismissing the "extraphysical husband" I had around me, which I was afraid of as I believed it to be a dark and cruel intruder. I realized, shamefully, that the intruder was “myself”. I am 100% satisfied with the course and I plan on taking it again." 

"I already took many courses in Conscienciology, but this was one of the most enlightening and really made Conscienciology a science in my eyes. For those who are interested in taking this course, I’d like to mention that the course is very profound and requires your dedication, especially in the beginning, when you are not yet able to work "automatically" with some of the components that it involves." 

"The course helped me mainly to achieve more bioenergetic self-awareness, more self-criticism regarding my level of “theory and practice”, and more depth in the understanding of the multidimensional mechanism." 

"Although I doubt my ability to bear my evolutionary responsibilities, I concluded the course with the sensation of irreversibility of my path. I feel as if I have awaken to a reality in which there are no ‘self-corruptions’ and my only way is to go forward. This is a prospect that brings me liveliness and hope for inner peace." 

"Through the clarifications and demystification of ideas presented in this course, I could clearly realize, in my day-to-day life, an upgrade in the quality of my thosenes. I also understand that the changes affected positively several individuals around me. I thank the intraphysical and extraphysical teams of this course." 

"I decided to take the course because I felt I was ‘out on a limb’. I felt like I hit a rock wall and could not see how to change this scenario. With suggestions of the course instructors, extraphysical aid, and personal effort, my life is changing for the better in many aspects. The greater intrusion I used to suffer was minimized and I am striving to continue improving myself." 

"This course caused me to renew the way I saw my bioenergies and multidimensionality. The individual feedback received in the private sessions added to the confidence in the experience, energetic capacity, and moral authority of the instructors helped me to devise a new path towards my energetic self-sustainability and assistantiality." 

"The course delivered a non-prejudiced approach and methodology, which led me to the recovery of awareness and changes in my priorities. The course taught me to deal with some unresolved issues I had for years." 

"To participate in the course Goal: Intrusionlessness demanded from me more than any other course in this area, yet it gave me in turn the possibility to broaden my knowledge both concerning my personal reality as well as the extraphysical help I have received and the intrusion I used to suffer. . . I thank the team for the degree of self-clarity in regards to multidimensionality I have reached." 

"The course opened my mind to the importance of the binomial ‘Mastery of Energy - Emotional Stability’ to reach intrusionlessness. In regards to the ‘bioenergetic personal-training’ sessions, the results were well above my expectations. I also noticed the impact of the course’s knowledge in my day-to-day energetic quality and in my capacity to exteriorize energy." 

"The course is excellent. It uses a clear and objective approach. It helped me to expand my understanding of important topics. The only point I would like to see changed is to have more time for some of the theoretical classes, so that we could go even deeper on the study of some themes that I would have liked to discuss more." 

"Within the things that were most remarkable for me was the level of self-criticism conveyed by the instructors, extrapolating the dogmatic trends still existing in these studies." 

"What was most important for me was the enlightenment and demystification on how to deal with extraphysical intrusion." 

"The most essential for me was the fact that the course tackles intrusion and para-psychism with an approach that does not resort to taboos or inadequate generalizations. It employs, instead, clear arguments to detail the nuances of these complex topics." 

"I started the course in one of the most emotionally unstable phases of my life. I am pleased to realize that I am today more secure, self-confident and stable. The fears, apprehensions and repressions related to the "uncontrolled parapsychism" I was experiencing were largely minimized by the clear and detailed information offered in this course." 

"The fact that the course provides a measurement of the quality of my energetic control, based on the evaluation of an adequately experienced instructor, helped me to overcome difficulties I had with my energetic self-defense, my mobilization of energy, and my capacity to perform bioenergetic assistance." 

"Despite of being aware of my inner obstacles, I was able to find the motivation to go on with my personal development. The detailed description of each stage of the energetic work helped me enormously. I felt an improvement in my life, including in my physical health and in the quality of my sleep." 

"I wasn't happy with the direction that my life had taken, but was not sure I should take the course Goal: Intrusionlessness because I was quite disbelieving courses in general. However, after the course started, slowly my self-esteem and creativity started to return. I began to understand the multidimensional process of the group that I am a part of." 

"Upon taking this course, I gained more confidence in myself and in helpers, since I perceive them more clearly now. This course also improved the quality of the conscientiology classes I teach." 

"The course made me see my weak traits and realize certain traits of intruders I still have. Yet, it also helped me recognize my strong traits, made me take more seriously my psychic perceptions and my energetic self-control. The individual evaluation sessions help a lot as well." 

"It was very good for me to become conscious of my real level of bioenergetic control (which was below the ideal) and recognize that I still have to study about various topics. I think that this course was extremely valuable in helping me to perform a deep, balanced and unemotional analysis of myself. With the clarifications provided by the classes and tips received during the private sessions, I know I will be able to overcome many of my current limitations." 

"The points brought by the instructor during the individual evaluation sessions were very precise and made me be a more direct and assertive person. This was a determining factor in the improvement of many aspects in my life." 

"This course brought me several benefits, such as the expansion of my energetic self-control, impressive de-intrusions, powerful intraconsciential recycling, renewal of paradigm, constructs and principles, enhanced practical understanding of cosmoethics, greater capacity of dealing with extraphyscial intruders, and improved self-awareness."  

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