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Multidimensional Praxis

Retrocognitions and Self-relay (no pre-requisites)

May 25th to 27th, 2015 - IAC Campus, Portugal

This energy field immersion course combines many new experiential activities, culminating in a practical retrocognition exercise. This edition of the Multidimensional Praxis series of courses focuses on exercising, stimulating, developing, and directly experiencing healthy retrocognitions.

Retrocognitions are powerful evolutionary catalysts and can bring higher levels of consciencial maturity. They can help us both to discover our existential program (life purpose, life plan) so as to know what we should do in this life, and to remember our mistakes in the past, so as not to repeat them during this lifetime.

The course dynamics will include the following:

(Energetic Multidimensional Praxis)

Facilitated by consciential epicenters, this exercise involves a type of deeper bioenergetic work to prepare students extraphysically, parapsychically, and thosenically to have a greater likelihood of experiencing retrocognitions. Intended effects of empraxis for class participants include: general bioenergetic clearing; initial unblocking and deintrusion (when necessary); attunement to the consciential energy field; and enhancement of the students’ compatibility with the multidimensional work that will occur.


In this activity, an intense bioenergetic field is created, allowing for complex assistantial work sponsored by extraphysical helpers. The objective of this exercise is to facilitate a deeper energosomatic unblocking, holochakral looseness, energetic pathway clearing, as well as an opportunity to detect and remove any intrusion still present or connected to the student. Course instructors will also perform sympathetic assimilations and, when possible, detect and remove specific energetic blocks, with a focus on the head chakras. During the Homeotropic Field, each student will be energized three times. Each energization will go as deep as possible, in a crescendo. One energization session will be conducted by two consciential epicenters simultaneously, working in synchrony and synergy with each other and the helpers.


The objective of this activity is to facilitate a more refined unblocking and to activate the coronochakra (crown-chakra), aiming to expand students’ non-physical lucidity and, more specifically, improve the interface between the mentalsoma, parabrain and physical brain. This empraxis is performed by consciential epicenters who, using specific techniques, work directly on the students’ coronochakra and parabrain energetically.


In this part of the course, a more subtle and mentalsomatic type of bioenergetic field is created, i.e. a retrocognitive field, which allows for retrocognition experiences. This field is the central experiential session – a culmination of all previous activities. The goal of this session is to bring about retrocognitive experiences through the utilization of various multidimensional resources and techniques. In this activity, the consciential epicenters will support the formation of the energy field in order to improve conditions for students’ success.

Preparatory classes

Presentations will be given to prepare students didactically, so that they have a greater understanding of the general processes involved in the course.

Exhibition of video

conducive to retrocognitions, renewal of personal paradigm, and self-knowledge.

In-depth classroom sessions

dedicated to the in-depth study of retrocognitions and its importance as a self-knowledge tool. These presentations and theoretical debates are as rich in content as they are thought-provoking and clarifying in relation to core themes explored in the course.

Sessions for analysis

and debate of experiences, paraperceptions, and phenomena that occurred during the course. In these sessions, students – together with the consciential epicenters and the course’s support team – discuss their experiences, aiming for greater understanding of the multidimensional and consciential complexities involved.

This course will be, in part, based on the book “Retrocognitions: an investigation into the memories of past lives and the period between lives”, by IAC researcher and instructor Wagner Alegretti.

This three-day course will begin around 2:00PM on the 1st day and will end at approximately 6:00PM on the 3rd day.

The Multidimensional Praxis is offered exclusively at the IAC Campus in Portugal, in its new auditorium, which offers optimized conditions for these activities. This course is part of the Multidimensional Praxis series of courses, which also includes the ‘Ectoplasmy & Clarivoyentarium’ and ‘Mentalsoma & Cosmoconsciousness’ editions.

This year the Multidimensional Praxis will be given as part of the series of IAC activities associated with the 1st International Congress of Conscientiology, which will take place immediately before, on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of May. Take advantage and participate in both activities.

Wagner Alegretti, Nanci Trivellato and Italo Martins

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