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Spiritual Evolution through
Out-of-Body Experiences

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Saturday, October 25, at 11:00AM (AEST)

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Join IAC's Nelson Abreu, contributing author of Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality (ICRL Press), in discussing this important topic and ability.

The Out-of-Body-Experience (OBE), also known as astral projection, is a natural phenomenon in which the consciousness (soul, spirit) leaves the physical body. The OBE is a completely different phenomenon from either an ordinary dream or a lucid dream. It is a real situation experienced in another dimension.

The OBE allows the understanding of the human interrelationship with the invisible, yet real, dimensions of existence that surround us. The mastering of one’s vital energies (a.k.a. bioenergies, chi, prana) is the key to conscious, controled astral projections.

Some of the other related subjects covered by these courses include:

- Multi-dimensional realities
- Study of the subtle bodies
- Paranormal manifestation
- Role of extraphysical helpers (guides)
- Use of bioenergies to assist and heal
- The process of rebirth and dying
- Understanding of the astral body
- Karma
- Spiritual maturity, and many others.

You can also watch a recorded YouTube lecture (50 mins.): click here

The method used by IAC is based on self-control. It strives to teach not only the process and techniques for leaving the body, but also all of its benefits, in order for the participant to achieve greater awareness and spiritual development. The main OBE training course is the Consciousness Development Program (eCDP) - which has received international acclaim and awards, and which is also given live online. It covers a vast amount of information, which given gradually, allows the individual to enhance self-control. It also offers many OBE techniques for participants to develop their own ability. You're also welcome to come directly to eCDP or the next main-OBE training class. It will start the weekend of November 8 and 9 (click here for information).

Reading Suggestion:
Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience
by Luis Minero (Kindle / Paperback)

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